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Bravo STC Event

Bravo STC Event

What we did: Art Direction, Design, Animation

In 2017 Bravo, a specialized communication company in KSA, was acquired by STC, the largest telecom company in Saudi Arabia. Our role was to create all moving visuals throughout the event. That includes: branded loops for all LEDs, stage visuals, and the transtition ceremony. 

LED Design

The branding of the event relied heavily on LED screens around the space. The driving concept of the event is the transition from bravo to STC. We wanted to create a clear contrast between the two states, focusing and emphasizing the branding of bravo and STC and their very different color schemes.

Transition Ceremony

The transition is the climax of the event. Where bravo goes through a dramatic metamorphosis that ends with STC specialized communication forming out of the chaos.