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Social Media

Social Media Short form

A collection of Social media animations created by Tahreek.

What we did: Art Direction, Design, Animation

Emaar The Grand Teaser 

A multi phase campaign to target future investors and excite them about the announcement of the grand launch at creek Dubai. We created both a teaser and an announcement video by collaborating with the in house design team. The main goal of the animations is to showcase the sophisticated, detailed designs of the building in a subtle and intriguing way. 

Emaar NYE 2018 Teaser

A collaboration between the Emaar Design team and Tahreek. We created a multi format campaign that can be used on multiple social media platforms, including instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. The goal of the animation was to excite everyone in Dubai for the new NYE light show without giving too much away with the visuals. 

SALT Burger Cocktail Campaign

A collaboration between the SALT team, we created the animation elements to this multi-week campaign. SALT is known for its seasonal food concepts and the Cocktail campaign played off nostalgic themes mixed with beach-y and fun summer elements.